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Pricing & Rates

We will call, text, or email you with the contact information you provide to let you know when your meat is ready to pick up

We will hold your meat free of charge for 2 weeks after we contact you. After 2 weeks, we charge a daily storage fee of $10 per animal. 

After 4 weeks with no contact, we consider your meat “abandoned” and will donate or sell to recoup our costs of processing and storing.
  • Beef Processing

    Slaughter Fee: $135
    Processing Fee: $1.10/lb rail weight
    Minimum Processing Fee: $600
    1,000+ Pound Rail Weight: $110
    Wild Animal Fee: $100
  • Hog Processing

    Slaughter Fee: $100
    Processing Fee: $1.10/lb rail weight

    Additional Charges
    Ground Sausage: $1 per pound
    Curing Bacon/Ham: $1.50 per pound
  • Lamb/Goat Processing

    Slaughter & Processing Fee: 
    $185 per head

Schedule Slaughter Date

Please call us at 406-662-5052 for scheduling & availability. 

Our slaughter days happen every Thursday and we have a limited quantity of animals that can be taken in each week. 

We ask that you arrive at our location with your animals between 7:30 and 8:00 AM on your scheduled slaughter date to drop your animal(s) off. 

If you’re bringing beef, please have your completed travel paper/brand inspection in hand as well as a completed cut sheet.

If you are unable to make this scheduled date, please call us at 406-662-5052 no later than TWO WEEKS of your slaughter week to reschedule.

If you miss your slaughter date or do not give us proper notice, you will be required to pay a $150 cancellation fee per animal.

Cutting Sheets

Click the button below that corresponds with the animal you're having processed.

Please fill out the form and bring the document to us on your designated slaughter day. 

You can also email your cut sheet to